Sporting Age
Created by teachers for teachers

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans have been created by highly experienced teachers and practitioners specifically for the primary sector. There are 8 lesson plans for each year group in Key Stage 2 which develop fundamental movement skills in line with National Curriculum requirements. Lessons include stage appropriate content and differentiation to ensure inclusivity.

For Teachers With or Without PE Specialism

  • The Sporting Age ‘Motion’ tool provides immediate training and support for primary school teachers.
  • Helps to develop their confidence and competence in delivering PE and Sport.
  • Standardised assessments and a scoring system enable teachers to evaluate each child’s physical performance quickly and efficiently to identify areas for further development.
  • Using our high-quality lesson plans, teachers can save valuable time spent planning and follow the well-established best practice.

Measuring and Reporting

  • Assessments are completed in one PE lesson at the start of the programme.
  • Allows teachers to track each pupil’s strengths and areas of improvement and identify their individual learning needs.
  • At the end of the programme (which is driven by schools) the class is assessed again. Personal, class, and school reports are easily created.
  • This provides schools with data that can be shared with parents, teachers and other stakeholders such as OFSTED.
  • Can be used as evidence for Sports Premium Funding.
  • Identify children working towards expected levels and children who are working at greater depth.
  • Year on year, this allows you to track progress throughout a pupil’s school life.