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By working together through visionary partners we have an ambition to bring SMART Movement to schools and young people in all areas of the UK and further afield.

Our Partner Program

With quality assured partner organisations, our vision is to ensure that as many young people and schools as possible benefit from our combined expertise, experience and passion for movement and its associated benefits of increased attainment, progress and wellbeing.

  • The development of partner training programmes ensures that the data collated is reliable, consistent and robust.
  • Partners have the opportunity to become the recognised Movement Experts in their identified territories.
  • This adds significant value to their PE and Sport offer for schools.

Benefits of delivering a Sporting Age SMART Movement Programme



How will it add value to our current offer for schools?

Movement skills are at the core of the primary school curriculum. Although there are some excellent schemes of work available, there is nothing currently which focusses purely on movement skill development and combines baseline assessment, stage appropriate differentiated lesson plans and scientifically produced evidence of impact/progress. You will become the “go to” partner to help schools get children moving with confidence and competence.

How easy is the platform to use?

The number one priority for the Sporting Age platform has been to create a very user-friendly experience for partners and teachers. No prior technical knowledge is required and we have used feedback from users throughout the various stages of development.

How secure is the data transfer and storage?

We realise fully the importance of totally secure, reliable data transfer. As a result we have been guided throughout by a partner organisation “Data tools for Schools” to ensure that all systems are fully GDPR compliant and that all data is transferred, shared and stored in a fully secure manner.

Are the lesson plans easy to follow?

The lesson plans have been created by highly experienced teachers and practitioners specifically for the primary sector.

We understand that delivery of the lessons might be undertaken by a primary PE teacher, a primary school class teacher or quality assured coach/instructor.

Lessons include stage appropriate content and differentiation to ensure full inclusivity.

Read more about the lesson plans here.

Is technical support provided?

Sporting Age owns the platform, IP and data and we have our own in-house developer. Technical support is always available.

What are the major impacts/outcomes for schools and senior leaders?

  • Increased confidence and competence of teachers
  • Teachers can maximise young people’s learning and movement development
  • The reliable data allows teachers to identify the most appropriate next learning stage
  • Senior leaders can demonstrate evidence of impact
  • Meaningful home-school learning is easily provided
  • Individual, class and whole school progress can be measured
  • Teachers save valuable planning time and follow well established best practice

How long do the assessments last?

We have developed a delivery routine whereby a class of 30 children can work through the 3 practical assessments in 45 minutes. This means that in a standard primary school, 4 classess can be completed in a morning and 2 in an afternoon.

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