Sporting Age
Measuring Success

Impact Metrics

At Sporting Age we strive to develop our offer via genuine school and partner feedback. We take comments very seriously and use the feedback to continuously improve our delivery and lesson plans. Reviews of the platform can be seen on Edtech Impact by clicking here.


We believe in working SMART

Improve Attainment

Between Assessments 1 and 2, pupils access 8 weeks of high quality interventions to improve skills levels in FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT.

Reduce Teacher Workload

Sporting Age generates 8 stage appropriate, teacher friendly lesson plans for each year group, saving hours of planning time.

Improve Teacher Knowledge

Our online continuous professional development helps teachers and schools to understand the vital importance of MOVEMENT SKILLS and how to help each pupil become a confident and competent mover.

Provide School Data

Cutting edge, reliable and accurate data demonstrates individual, class and whole school progress. Impact reports are generated automatically, providing teachers with scientific evidence.

Build Student Knowledge

Questioning techniques used in both the SMART PRISM and SMART MOTION programmes ensure that pupils understand and achieve key targets to enable maximum individual progress.