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“Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of their mind comes through their movements” – Maria Montessori

We are a team of experienced and passionate physical education practitioners and technology experts. We have a goal in mind, to bring innovation, technology and movement together to improve the movement skills of young people.

We have worked in partnership with over 250 UK schools to develop and provide trusted, cutting-edge and sector leading movement programmes, lesson plans and resources, supported by user friendly, meaningful data and evidence-based analysis.

Our technology driven SMART MOVEMENT programmes enable schools to help young people develop, achieve and progress their movement potential. This has many lasting benefits for their learning outcomes, health and wellbeing.

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What does SMART MOVEMENT mean?

SMART MOVEMENT is what we do. It is our guiding principle and our philosophy. Created using our significant expertise in movement and technology, we aim to transform, develop and improve fundamental movement skills for all children.

How is SMART MOVEMENT different?

Our team at Sporting Age bring their passion, knowledge and experience together with cutting-edge technology to provide real, measurable and lasting results.

Our guiding principles:
• Movement skills are a vital component of health and wellbeing for children
• Easy access to stage appropriate lesson plans is vital for meaningful learning
• Data which provides evidence of progress is key in a young person’s development
• Any Edtech product must make the life of a teacher/deliverer easier

Transformation through technology

Smart Data

Technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational. Our innovative technology helps teachers to accurately measure and assess their young people, fulfil their movement potential and enhance attainment, progress and wellbeing in school and beyond.

Constant innovation helps us to provide the most accurate data and drive continuous improvement. We are proud of our close links with the University of Huddersfield, and our work in movement for young people has been nationally recognised by independent senior educationalists and recognised practitioners.

Through SMART DATA we provide:

  • Baseline assessments – we analyse fundamental movement data for each child’s movement journey.
  • Differentiated learning – appropriate and targeted lesson plans and interventions for maximum progress.
  • Integration with the curriculum – technology designed to fit seamlessly into PE lessons.
  • Teacher knowledge – our technology helps to build teacher confidence and skills to deliver effective movement in schools.
  • You can only improve what you can measure – faster assessment, development and progress.
  • Evidence – schools can provide data-driven evidence of attainment, progress and wellbeing in movement for each child.

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By working together through visionary partners we have an ambition to bring SMART MOVEMENT to schools and young people in all areas of the UK and further afield. With quality assured partner organisations, our vision is to ensure that as many young people and schools as possible benefit from our combined expertise, experience and passion for movement and its associated benefits of increased attainment, progress and wellbeing.

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